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The farmers in Jhenidahhave started harvesting of the Transplanting Aman (T-Aman in six upazilas of the district in the current season. They brought a total of 101,250 hectares of land under the farming as against the government target for 99,538 hectares in the season.

 Agro-12, new variety of T-Aman, brought ray of hope before the farmers in the current season, the farmers said.

Ruhul Amin, a farmer of Hazampara village of Sailkupa municipality, was harvesting his Agri-12 variety of the T-Aman. At the time, said he cultivated Agro-12 variety of T-Aman on his twobighas of land in the season. He is expecting about 25 maunds (40 kilograms) of the paddy from each bigha.

Ruhul Amin’s father Sariful Khan at the field on Saturday morning said usually they cultivate BR 49 and some other varieties of paddy in the  T-Aman season for better yield.

In the current season, a good number of farmers brought their lands under Agro-12 variety. Most the plots proving better yield as it was more yield and free from any major pest attack and diseases. His two bighas of land will ensure at least 50 maunds of the paddy, Sariful Khan said.

Safiuddin, a farmer at Kamar kundu village in Jhenidah Sadarupazila, said most of the farmers in the area were hopeless as they were affected from jute cultivating in past few years. Production cost of jute including day labouer and transport was more, while the price was lower in the market. As a result about 50 per cent of the jute farmers left the farming and leaned towards T Aman farming in the season.

They said they arranged supplementary irrigation water supply on the plots as the rainfall was so inadequate in the season. The initiative had saved the T Aman from the natural havoc like drought like climate in the season, they added.

Zakirul Islam, regional manager of Petrochem Limited in the region, saidAgro-12 is completely a fine variety that offers additional grains that will satisfy the farmers due to better yield.

According to a sourcesof the department of agriculture extension (DAE) in Jhenidah, they set target to produce T-Aman on a total of 99,538 hectares in Jhenidah Sadar, Kaliganj, Kotchandpur, Moheshpur, Sailkupa and Harinakunduupazilasin the season. But the farmers brought additional 1,712 hectares of land under the T-Aman farming.

When contacted, deputy director of the department of agriculture extension in Jhenidah GM AbdurRauf said some the farmers who had transplanted the paddy saplings earlier, had started harvesting same earlier as their crops were matured. It will take about two weeks to start the harvesting of T-Aman in full swing.

DAE deputy director said they have been advising the field level officers of the department to stand by the farmers for any sort of advice when necessary. The field staffs, widely known as sub assistant agriculture officer (SAAO) have been discussing with the farmers to reduce the loss during harvesting in the field to ensure better profit, deputy director said.

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