Earl Robert Miller, US Ambassador in Bangladesh, talking to maize farmers at Gourinathputr village in Jhenidah on Tuesday morning. USAID Country Director Zaina Salahi is also seen.

Roving Correspondent
There is a strong ties between Bangladesh and the United States where the agriculture playing a significant role. The tie will be strengthen in near future as we are the proved friends to each other, said Earl Robert Miller, the Ambassador of the United States in Bangladesh.
Miller was talking to the farmers, local administration and the working journalists after visiting some maize plots at Gourinathpur village of bordering Moheshpur upzaila on Tuesday morning. Miller said it was second day of his visit in the region when he joined in Bangladesh.
Economic and commercial sides are the most important corners of the friendship where the agriculture has been p[laying role. The maize produced in Bangladesh is of international quality where the farmers try to produce the crops following almost organic inputs. The farmers of Bangladesh had responded much with the initiatives of the US in farming system that might be encouraged.
USAID Country Director Zaina Salahi, Jhenidah deputy commissioner Saroj Kumar Nath and police super Mohammad Hasanuzzaman among others were present during the visit of the US Ambassador.