Housing, a constitutional right of every citizen, is a great concern in the perspective of Bangladesh. If all citizens are not provided with necessary shelter, the country’s efforts for national development will turn futile. Proper planning for housing both in towns and villages may mitigate this problem. An increasing population in the country has turned housing a major challenge.
The government has focused on this issue from the very beginning. According to media reports, the government has planned to ensure housing for all by 2030 and, in line with it, has already built up 30,744 houses. Various projects have already been completed in this regard. The current progress in the housing projects is satisfactory as reported in the media and thereby may create good opportunities for especially the people having no shelter at all. It will also create facilitate the lower income and middle income groups to have a house of their own at an affordable cost.
Rising population requires more houses for them, which ultimately affects the arable lands. Building houses in the cultivable lands reduce production of crops. Under these projects, high-rise buildings will save the land for cultivation as well as solve the housing crisis. If people are given the housing facilities at a lower cost, it will definitely create a comparative market for other non-government housing projects and thus housing costs will also decrease. On the other hand, it will post positive impacts on the national economy. Easy loans, if sanctioned to buy flats, will enable the developers to sell their flats to overcome previous losses. This will ultimately contribute to the GDP.
Nevertheless, there are certain issues which should be addressed beforehand. Not only government employees but also non-government ones should avail of the easy loan opportunity. Moreover it should be ensured that housing loan is timely. Authorities concerned should be more careful against corruption. The cooperative housing concept can bring about a revolution once materialised. To that view, the real estate companies should strictly maintain quality. The government should also supervise and regulate the activities of the housing cooperatives.