It is good to note that the newly appointed Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni has expressed her commitment to stop the trend of question leakeage that questioned the integrity of the country’s education sector over the last years. Dipu Moni, who held the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during 2009-2013 tenure of Awami League, said that the main challenge of her ministry is to stop question leak in public examinations. She expressed her optimism that she would be successful in navigating the Ministry of Education and maintaining the pace of development in education sector.
There was a time when students could not think of question papers leak in their wildest dreams. But over the past few years, series of reports on question paper disclosure in public examinations have questioned the integrity of our education system and the quality of its consumers. Consequently, despite having GPA-5, millions of students remain umemployed. What is more terrifying is that students, who are passing the public examinations and obtaining good grades with the help of leaked question papers may sit on the important positions of the country in near future. Thus it can be said that if the trend of question leak continues, it would place the whereabouts of our education sector in dire straits. One of the worst consequence of question paper leak was that, it created a large number of forged educated people in the country. Also such an increasing trend of question paper leak divulged a very negative image about our students to the other part of world.
Certainly such an alarming issue deserves an immediate attention from the departments concerned. Providing education with integrity is one of the most cruciual imepratives for ensuring better future of a country. Nothing is more unbfortunate than pursuing education which is corrupted. We hope the newly appointed education minister will strictly address the trend of question paper leakage to uphold integrity in the education system. We envisage that the Ministry of Education will work to bring necessary changes in our education system to promote a healthy competion among the students. However, the government or ministry alone is not only accountable for question leakeage, it is also the collective and corrupted psychology of our society that instills question leakage. Hence, in order to demolish the trend of question leakage, Media, educational institutions, students, teachers will have to play their due roles from their respective positions.