Director Raj Chakraborty has already set the mood for an exciting Christmas with his upcoming children’s adventure drama ‘Adventures of Jojo’. The trailer and the first song from the film ‘Jojor Gaan’ are already a hit. He was keen on making a children’s film for Christmas, came up with a fresh story — ‘Adventures of Jojo’.
The film revolves around two young adventurous boys Jojo and his friend Shibu, who embarks on an exciting journey to save the wildlife, especially a tiger, from the hands of a notorious gang of poachers. The new poster shows two kids along with the friendly elephant and tiger Chengis Khan, who play a pivotal role in the movie.
Giving us an insight into the story, Raj said, “It’s a film on tiger poaching. Jojo, a Class VI student, goes to his uncle’s place in Boropahari. An animal lover, he’s fascinated by the jungle. His twin cousins are always into studies and score 100 in maths. In Boropahari, he makes friends with Shibu, son of a mahout. Together, they roam around the forests of Boropahari, enjoying the wildlife there. One day, Jojo and Shibu discover the dead remains of a tiger and feel the presence of poachers lurking in the jungle. They inform the forest officer, who doubts the information coming from two children. Meanwhile, a notorious poacher, Munia Hazari, is in search of a dreaded tiger, Chengis. Will Jojo be able to rescue Chengis from the clutches of Munia Hazari?”
The film will see Joshojeet Banerjee, son of actor Jayjit Banerjee, debut as Jojo. “I had called him for Tong Ling and regularly follow his activities on Facebook. His face is very interesting and is perfect for my character,” said Raj, who has roped in Samiul Alam of Sahaj Pather Gappo to play Shibu in the film. The film is inspired by stories of tiger poaching that have been hitting the headlines for months now. “There are fantasy elements too. An elephant, Notobor, keeps surfacing in Jojo’s drawings. When he is faced with a crisis in the jungle, it’s Notobor who comes to his rescue,” added the director. —Source: E Times