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In order to achieve something great, there must be an integrated plan. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has also chalked out short-, mediums and long-term plans. As a visionary leader, she has even undertaken a hundred-year Delta Plan with a view to making Bangladesh a developed nation before the stipulated time.
To materialise her great plan, she has taken a sagacious and time befitting plan by choosing a team of young and energetic ministers.
In many aspects, the new cabinet of the 11th parliament has become a different one from any other in the last years. With inducting 31 new faces in the cabinet — most of whom are young — Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has banked on freshers to shape the country’s future and reaping the benefits of country’s immense possibilities in social, economic, technological and cultural sectors, according to the experts. The experts said that the young’s expertise in respective fields and the experience of the seniors will blend together to help the country achieve its ultimate goal to become a developed country by 2041. Sheikh Hasina has perfectly and carefully charted out her plans to achieve small targets phase by phase to reach the ultimate goal, experts added.
On the other hand, Sheikh Hasina has successfully created a high-tide among the 4.5 crore young voters in her favour over her past two tenures since 2009 as the Awami League (AL) government under her able leadership has given jobs to over 1 crore people, to uphold her promise she made in her party’s electoral manifesto.
Time and again, she also laid great emphasis on the youths that they have to take the leadership of the country to reach its coveted goal. Her philosophy regarding the youths has brought her a landslide victory in the just concluded 11th national election, said experts, adding that records confirm that a huge turnout of young voters was observed on December 30. Experts believe that the new cabinet is the reflection of the expectations of young voters. The experts also believe that integration of Information and Technology, apart from creating employment opportunities, has also acted as a catalyst to win the votes of the youths. The youths did not forget the remarkable achievement the country has made in ICT under the AL government over the past one decade.
Youths have considered the huge change in their life with the introduction and successful integration of technology in the country which made all aspects of life easy and comfortable including facilitating communications and obtaining of information. Moreover, they can now earn a huge sum of foreign currency through doing freelancing jobs, experts opined.
Analysts said, in the new cabinet, Sheikh Hasina has very carefully avoided inclusion of any of her family members and relatives too, which proves that she will not like any criticism on allegation of cronyism or favouritism. This is a reflection of a true statesman, they added.