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After a grueling and nerve wrecking eighteen days, the Thai football team consisting of 12 children and their coach were rescued and with their rescue, it seemed as if the world heaved a sigh of relief. More than Thai 100 rescuers were involved including British and Australian diving teams. This particular incident taught the world that in spite of wars and feuds all around us, we are still bonded by compassion and empathy.
According to Thai Health Ministry, the rescue operation was around nine hours long and the boys were underwater for four to six hours. Two divers carried each boy and carefully guided them through the cave tunnels. The journey was perilous and extremely risky but the skill and perseverance of the rescue team along with the patience of the trapped boys, they could safely reach land.
When the boys’ existence was first detected after they were trapped in the cave for 10 days, along with their parents and Thai citizens, parents and children around the world began praying for their rescue. During the rescue mission, one Thai Navy officer even sacrificed his life to get enough oxygen to the children. His selfless act is now being cherished worldwide. Foreign rescue teams worldwide were ready to extend their helping hands and make sure the boys returned home safe and sound. In order to keep up the children’s spirit, FIFA’s president, Gianni Infantino sent an invitation to the team to come to Moscow for the World Cup final.
The children are now going through medical as well as psychological treatment and their quick recovery is wished on behalf of Bangladesh Post.