Staff Correspondent
The month of December rekindles the mood for festivals as the jingling of the bells draw closer – an indication of the nearing Christmas. At Amari Dhaka, they are celebrating Christmas with a host of mouth-watering specialties for dinner made to reflect the warm and welcoming taste of Christmas at both Cascade and Amaya Food Gallery. The hotel has also decorated its exterior with big, red bows on Christmas trees which gave it a very festive look.

As soon as we entered the hotel, a grinning Santa Claus greeted us with chocolates. The interior looked beautiful and inviting with another big Christmas tree sitting at the corner along with an imitation ginger bread house and of course, reindeers and a sledge. All the employees were wearing the classic red and white hats. A small gift shop beside the tree offered a variety of Christmas gifts in pretty wrappings.
The interactive dinner buffet at Amaya is boasting Christmas style roasted turkey with braised brussels sprouts, potato lyonnais and cranberry sauce. There is also smoked turkey bacon with sauce and gravy. Last but not least, the dessert station is showcasing classic Christmas desserts and fruits salad. The Cascade Lounge is offering an array of colorful macarons, pastries, yule logs, freshly baked breads, chocolate tutti frutti cake pops, cookies and much more.
Hotels and restaurants all around the capital are celebrating Christmas with splendor and among them, Amari Dhaka has been really successful in showcasing the true spirit of Christmas right here in Bangladesh.