Anwar Hossain
There are many tourism places in Bangladesh that can offer travel-lovers a natural carpet along with southern wind. Travellers always seek for peaceful place to get connected with nature and its serenity. This kind of sight removes all the tiredness of daily busy life.
And Bandarban is such a spot — a place filled with natural beauty.
Meghla Parjatan Complex – an extraordinary spot is there with all modern amenities to welcome tourists.
The site is located in Bandarban hilly area in Chattagram division. The spot is in the adjoining area of the Bandarban Hill District.
Meghla Parjatan Complex is an extraordinary tourist spot. This place is visited by thousands of people each year. Visitors from all over the world come to visit this place when they visit Bandarban.
This is very much famous for its hanging bridge. There is a small Safari Park, a zoo that houses various types of wild animals. The complex itself is a wonderful picnic spot. There is a synthetic lake. Visitors can enjoy boat journey in the lake. A combination of these four places as well as a large area filled with full greenery amid gentle breeze surely becomes much enjoyable for the visitors.
The place has a unique aura to it which really would make visitors love the place with all the trees, hills up above and the gently streaming lake. It is a retreat into the heart of the nature.
The experience living in this place is unique. Tourists can spend a couple of days at Meghla Parjatan Complex and lighten up with its relaxing environment. As the place is maintained by district administration of the Bandarban Hill district, the place is safe. Children and adult both can relax and indulge in the retreat of the nature here.
There are many tourists’ spots in Bandarban and these are very close to each other. People can pay a visit to each of these places at the same time. Some of the other interesting places in Bandarban are Shoilo Propat, Buddha Dhatu Jadi, Nilachal, Keokaradong hill, Bandarban hanging bridge and so many.
There is no facility for food inside Meghla. Visitors can take snacks only. But, if visitors stay whole day there then they can take lunch packets. There are two restaurants — Holiday Inn Resort and Parjatan Motel, with Chinese and continental food items outside the Meghla. Accommodation facilities are also offered in these motels.