Habibur Rahman Swapon, Pabna
Student of class four Jayed Hasan Jisan of Khagarbaria village in Pabna’s Faridpur upazila was week in English and Mathematics, but he is now doing better getting visual lessons of both tough subjects through digital contents in multimedia classes.
Like him, all the students of class one to eight get visual lessons with digital contents through multimedia classes in Khagarbaria Government Primary School in Faridpur upazila of the district. Many people are happy for arranging such advance technology for underprivileged students.
Not only multimedia classrooms but also the digital attendance through punching machine, monitoring entire campus and class rooms under close circuit cameras, well decoration around school campus and classrooms to bring student bound environment to have education in cheers.
When entered into school it looks like a park or well decorated picnic spot as the paintings everywhere in the campus with natural scenarios, portraits of the noted personalities, structures of national importance. The decoration is so rich that the tin-shed classrooms get image of well decorated home or office rooms.
“We have decorated entire campus and classrooms with the paintings of our students. Photos of the noted personalities alongside their details hanged in front of the classrooms and around the campus so that the students can learn about them,” said Md. Abu Based, headmaster of the school.
The classrooms for babies are so colourful that everybody gets flavor of birth day party or such function. The entire classroom is decorated with the lessons of their books, Cartoons, dolls. A TV set and some playing materials available in the classroom.
Sometime children prefer playing instead of reading then they use to play in the classroom and sometime they watch cartoon, everything is available in the classroom so that the students get their attention in the classroom, said Eti Ara Khatun, a teacher. ‘Children are getting entertainment in classroom so that they don’t like to miss the class room,” said Monjuara Khatun, mother of a class one student.
Established in 1941, a total of 733 students are reading in the school where two storied concrete building can accommodate four classes and the rest of classes are being run in tin-shed rooms. Recently the school introduced digital attendance of the students and CC camera system.
The Khagarbaria Government Primary School has been giving better academic environment for the sake of the underprivileged rural students.
“The roll-call is now not needed in the classrooms. When the students enter school, they are showing their digital identity cards to punching machine for digital attendance. If anybody absent then their parents get the notice immediately through mobile phone,” said the headmaster.
He also said, “If the students do not get pleasure, the lessons become monotonous to them, so we are trying to make the entire environment of the school attractive and subject bounding for the students so that they have attention in classrooms.” Nasrin Alam, mother of a student, said they are happy over the update system. “Few months ago we could not know either my son go to school or not but now we get notice immediately,” she said.
A digital classroom has regularly giving lessons to the students through digital contents in multimedia class so the students are getting tough lessons easy, said Rakibul Hasan, multimedia teacher of the school.
“Although we don’t make all the classrooms under multimedia facility but we are trying to accommodate all the students regularly in multimedia classrooms by changing classes,” he said adding that a digital library with thousand books and geographic model for the students.
Surprisingly there is no special support from the government. Chairman of Faridpur upazila Md. Khalilur Rahman donated 10 CC cameras and digital attendance machine while the cost of entire decoration in the school and classrooms, installing multimedia classroom and introducing a digital library for the students of the school have been managed from local people and the teachers, said Md. Abdul Hamid, president of school managing committee.
The school authorities charge Tk. 5 only from each student every month to maintain the electronic devices.
District primary education office has already identified Khagarbaria Government Primary School as a dream school for the students due its well decoration, digital arrangement and the performance of the teachers and students, said Md. Abdus Salam, district primary education officer.
“High officials of education department, teachers and officers from different districts use to come to visit the model of the dream school and getting experience of the change that how the typical rural school gets such remarkable change,” Salam said adding that they are trying to develop the school for more advancement.