Dr Harunur Rashid is a MBBS (DU), M. Phil. Micro. (BSMMU), MCPS, FCPS (Psychiatry) Assistant Professor, Delta Medical College and Hospital, Mirpur, Dhaka. Former Assistant Professor, BSMMU (PG Hospital), Dhaka. He has long working experience in our country context. In a recent meeting with the Bangladesh Post he talked about mental health.
BD Post: Would you please tell us whether the physically ill persons may turn into a mentally sick patient?
Dr Harun: Yes, certainly, if the physically sick persons bear their diseases for a long period of time, then at one stage he or she may turn as a mentally sick person.
BD Post: Would you please make some examples in this regard?
Dr Harun: You know that the mental sickness may exist along with the diseases like Epilepsy, Stroke, Brain Tumor, any sorts of Cancer, Kidney failure, Lever/Heart failure, Diabetes, Thyroid problem, abdominal diseases like Irritable Biel syndrome, Asthma etc.
BD Post: What can be done with the patients who turn as a mental patient after remaining admitted at Hospital for long time?
Dr Harun: Well, when an admitted patient at any hospital take turn as a mental patient then definitely the duty doctors of that particular hospital will call a psychiatrist for the treatment of that patient.
BD Post: What sorts harm may occur if the mentally sick patients are not treated timely?
Dr Harun: If the physically ill persons get mentally sick and if he does not get treatment timely then it become so difficult to control his physical illness, besides, the affected patient suffers from tremendous mental afflictions. Wide range of public awareness is needed in this regard.