Power generation crossed a milestone of 11,200 megawatts for the first time in Bangladesh. Now
90 percent people in Bangladesh have come under the electricity network, way higher than 47 percent nine years ago, said Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB).
Adequate gas supply has pushed up the electricity production to record high of 11,210 megawatt on Wednesday. Also full swing operation of all fuel run plants is also another reason for production hike, said PDB Director Saiful Hasan Chowdhury.
According to the state-owned organization, the electricity generation reached 11,059MW last week.
On Mar 19 this year the generation was 10,084MW, on April the generation was 11,059 MW while the last year’s highest generation was 9, 705, said the PDB sources.
PDB official said, “There was no load-shedding anywhere as we could generate the power as per the daily demand on Wednesday.
Saiful Hasan said the number of power generation units has increased to 121 in 2018 from 27 in 2009, and the total installed power generation capacity has tripled and went up to 18,753 MW from 4,942 MW during the period.
“The budget implementation capacity of the power sector has increased significantly in the last nine years,” said BPDB.
PDB said the sector has been able to implement the full revised ADP before the fiscal year came to an end in June. In fact, the power division was one of the top achievers that managed to expend higher than the average amount of allocation in the just concluded fiscal year.
The allocation for the sector from the annual development programme rose from Tk 2,677 crore in 2009 to Tk 26,292 crore in the current fiscal year. The government plans to generate 24,000MW of electricity by 2021.
The government installed 195,000 kilometers of electricity line in the last nine years since 2009, PDB said.
The government has been implementing the plan on short-, medium- and long-term basis to achieve the goal and the budget for the power sector development has been increased by 9 times from the previous period.
The PDB said the government is now putting its emphasis on improvement of the quality of power generation and supply. As a result, the system loss in the power sector has come down to 12.2 percent from 16.9 percent.

Nazmul Likhon