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The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) has taken initiatives to conduct Agricultural Census (Crop, Fisheries and Livestock) for the fifth time in the country, starting from 2019 and different zones have been formed to conduct the census.
According to sources, information will be collected from all the police stations and agricultural institutions of the country. It is known that Agriculture Census helps determine the development strategy of the country’s agricultural sector.
Jafar Ahmad Khan, Project Director and Joint Secretary of Agriculture Census-2018, said that the data collection for the census will be completed by April-May 2019. Information will be collected from all the households and agricultural institutions of the country.
“The contribution of the agricultural sector to the formulation of National Development Plan is very important. Poverty eradication is one of the main objectives of the national plan, which is possible if we can create more employment through agricultural development,” he added.
In the last week of last month, the BBS organized training workshop for conducting this census. The workshop was inaugurated on 24th June and already authorities concerned have divided different areas to conduct the census.
In this regard, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Bureau Mohammad Amir Hossain said, “Hopefully the countdown will begin at the beginning of next year.”
Reportedly, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved the project on July 11, 2017. According to sources, the project will deploy 1,50,000 census counters, 24 thousand 700 supervisors, master trainers, zone officers and other officers.
According to sources, agricultural census will help make the periodic statistics of crops, fisheries, livestock and poultry sub-sectors in large scale. Agricultural censuses will collect information on agricultural activities, such as agricultural land use, employment and production, and provide basic structural data and sampling frames for agricultural surveys. Census will be conducted in all the general households and agricultural institutes of the country and information will be collected using a short question paper.
Experts say that at the end of the census, census enumerators will prepare a list of families involved with agriculture. The list will includes information on the number of land, poultry farms like chicken, cows, goats and buffaloes etc. Work of the project costing Tk 345 crore will be completed by December 2020.
Reportedly, the last Agricultural Census was held in the country in 2008. Since independence, four agricultural censuses have been held so far. The first was in 1977, second in 1983-84, third in 1996 and fourth in 2008.