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Habiganj Correspondent
A series of clashes between the followers of a UP member and interest trader resulted in 25 people being injured.
The clashes took place from Thursday afternoon until late evening in the Ganinganj bazaar and Kuwarpar areas of Habiganj.
The injured were taken to Habiganj modern district hospital for treatment.
Locals said, well known local interest trader Tasu Mia and member of south east union parishad number 3 Dhon Mia had an old dispute
over land.
A mediation was held on Thursday afternoon to settle this dispute. But the clash began during this mediation.
Later police arrived at the scene to break up the fight.
OC of Baniachong police station Rashed Mobarok said, the clash was due to a dispute between the two men over land of a mosque. This led to the casualties.