20 unique beaches with unexpected colours
There are few things in life that are better than a beautiful beach. The clear blue sky, the verdant waters, and the bright yellow sand. That is, of course, unless you swap out the usual golden grains in favour of something altogether more colourful. From black and purple to red and green, the world is full of beaches in a kaleidoscope of colours.
Black Sands Beach, USA
This stretch of jet black sand is located in Shelter Cove, California. Beloved by walkers, it’s ironically located on a stretch of shoreline known as California’s Lost Coast. Let’s hope the ramblers have better luck staying on track.
Glass Beach, USA
We all know that glass is made out of sand, but did you know that there’s also a beach where the sand is made out of glass? Yes, the circle has been completed at the aptly named Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, a former city dump where the shoreline is made up of multicoloured glass, worn down by the ocean over the years.
Diamond Beach, Iceland
Sadly, Diamond Beach is not a stretch of shoreline covered in precious gems. Instead, the diamond refers to the crystal-clear icebergs that wash ashore on its black sand beaches. The result is a beautiful contrast in colours that attracts photographers from across the globe.
Papakolea Beach, USA
Located on Big Island, Hawaii, Papakolea is one of only four green sand beaches in the world. This stunning stretch of sand gets its murky colour from the island’s volcanic past and is caused by the erosion of a substance known as olivine.
Punalu’u Beach, USA
We’ve had red and green—now it’s time for Hawaii’s famous black beach, Punalu’u. The sand’s unique pigmentation is once again thanks to the island’s volcanic past and was created by lava that cooled in the ocean and was eventually ground into sand.
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda
Named after its crescent shape, the pretty pink sand that stretches across this picturesque piece of Bermudan coastline is the result of a mix of crushed shells, coral, and calcium carbonate that create the subtle pigmentation.
Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland
Perhaps the most famous of Iceland’s black beaches, Reynisfjara is set against a backdrop of enormous basalt stacks that catch the eye almost as much as the stand itself. It’s no surprise then that this stunning stretch of shoreline was voted as one of the most picturesque non-tropical beaches in the world.
Ir-Ramla Bay, Malta
Literally translated as the Red Sandy Beach, Malta’s Ir-Ramla Bay is a stunning stretch of shoreline that’s beloved by tourists for its soft sand and vibrant colours. It’s not just great to look at though. The beach is also an important historical site as, alongside Roman remains that lie beneath its surface, this cove is said to be the location of the cave referenced by Homer in The Odyssey.
Argyle Shore, Canada
The Great White North isn’t a part of the world that you traditionally associate with stunning beaches, but the Argyle Shore on Prince Edward Island is doing its best to change that. The beautiful bright red-coloured beach located on the country’s East Coast is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets.