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Brahmanbaria Correspondent
Police Super (SP) of Brahmanbaria district Mohammad Anwar Hossain Khan and Sarail, Ashuganj, Nasirnagar Circle’s Assistant Police Super, currently Additional Superintendent of Police Md Moniruzzaman Fakir are set to receive Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) and President Police Medal (PPM) in recognition of their merit, honesty, bravery and heroic work in the Police Department.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will give these medals to them at the inauguration of Police Service Week on 4 February.

A press release from the Special Branch of the Brahmanbaria District (DSB) reported the same in this regard.
Anwar Hossain Khan, a meritorious police cadre of 20th BCS Batch of Bangladesh Civil Service, joined as Assistant Police Superintendent in 2001. He has done important work in different places of the country including Bogra, Kishoreganj district. Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM Service) is being conferred to him for his competence, talent and heroism. He has also been awarded the BPM and PPM medals in the past.