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Habibullah Mizan

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has claimed that a total of 15,269 narcotics cases were filed last year with different police stations under DMP.
Joint Commissioner Shaikh Nazmul Alam of DMP told Bangladesh Post exclusively, on Saturday, that out of the 15,269 narcotics-related cases they had already submitted charge-sheets in 14,531. There are only 738 cases whose investigation is yet to be completed for different reasons, he added.
To another question, Shaikh Nazmul Alam said, “We arrested 25,804 persons in connection with the narcotics cases in 2018.”
Munstasirul Islam Roni, Deputy Commissioner of DMP said, “In 2017, we seized 2,898,397 pieces of contraband Yaba pills. But we recovered 6,164,830 pieces of Yaba tablets in 2018.”
The number of seized Yaba pills was more than double, he added.
In 2017, police seized 163 kgs and 719.62 grams of heroin, the most deadly drug. “However, we recovered over 272 kilograms and 798 grams of heroin in 2018,” he said.
The quantity of recovered cocaine this year has significantly decreased. In 2017, DMP seized 1,800 kilograms of cocaine. But in 2018, DMP seized only 750 grams.
In 2017, police seized 2,874 kilograms of Ganja, but 4,727.69 kilograms in 2018.
About the trends of rapid decrease and increase in amounts of some specific drugs, Rubaiyet Zaman, Additional Commissioner (Crime) of DMP said, “If you want to know why the recovered cocaine in 2018 is very small comparatively to that in the year 2017, I think smuggling of cocaine in the year 2018 was actually very low. This is why the quantity of seized cocaine was also very small.”
About the 738 cases whose investigation is yet to be completed, he said, “Without chemical reports against the seized drugs, we cannot submit charge-sheet in narcotics cases.
I assume that the chemical reports of the narcotics did not reach the investigation officers by December 20 last year.”
“We have compiled the data we availed before December 20. I think by this time, the charge-sheets in the remaining 738 cases may also have been submitted before the court,” ADC Rubaiyet opined.