Nomination papers being scrutinised at the office of returning officer in Jhenidah on Sunday. Photo: BP

Delwar Kabir, Jhenidah
The returning officer cancelled the nomination papers of 14 candidates from four Jhenidah seats on Sunday due to reasons such as imprisonment, loan defaulting, non- payment of municipal taxes and delay in submitting nomination papers.
Deputy Commissioner of Jhenidah and returning officer Saroj Kumar Nath said he cancelled the nominations of two candidates in Jhenidah-1 seat, five in Jhenidah-2 seat,
two in Jhenidah-3 seat and five in Jhenidah-4 seat. The papers and documents of the remaining 25 were found acceptable.
The candidates whose papers were cancelled were- Abdul Wahab (BNP) and Abu Bakar (independent) in Jhenidah-1 seat, Mashiur Rahman and Abdul Mazid (BNP), Abu Taleb Selim (Zaker Party), Yusuf Parvez (independent) and Mir Rabiul Islam (independent) of Jhenidah-2 seat.
In Jhenidah-3 seat, the nominations of Ismail Hossain (Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Qamruzzaman Swadhin (Jatiya Party) were cancelled.