12 people were killed including a deputy Police officer and an unidentified gunman at United States of America on Wednesday night. The local media said that the attackers used a semi-automatic gun and smoke grenade in the California nightclub.

According to the AP and CNN, This horrific and such a horror attack happed just a day after the US interim elections were held. The ruling party of USA has lost their power over the lower house of Congress in the elections. Already, Donald trump, president of USA, tweeted that “he had been fully `briefed`on the shooting and praised the `great bravery shown by police”.

The local police said that, the gunman wire musk, entered the club, when people are busy and sharing their food and gossip each other, were shooting fiercely on people gathering. The attackers shot at least 3 rounds. At that time a song festival was going on inside. It’s an wordless terrible situations. Authorities have banned the movement of the area. Club officials said they organized special events every Wednesday. Police say the gunman was found dead in the waterway.

According to the BBC, Police suspect that he may have committed suicide.More than 10 people were injured in this attack.The incident happened about 40 kilometers away from the city of California, in a waterfall in the Borderline Bar and Grill area in Thousand Oaks area.

The police officer who died in this incident had to retire from work in the next year after working for 29 years.